Albatros Set almost out on Flicker Alley



At long last Flicker Alley are releasing their DVD box set of Albatros films titled FRENCH MASTERWORKS: RUSSIAN ÉMIGRÉS IN PARIS 1923-1929 on the 9th April 2013 the films included are: Le Brasier ardent, Kean, Feu Mathias Pascal, Gribiche and Les Nouveaux messieur.

Available now on blu-ray is Feu Mathias Pascal

Ivan Mosjoukine Extant Films List


Here is a list of extant Ivan Mosjoukine / Mozzhukhin Films:

1911 Oborona Sevastopolya/Defence of Sevastopol   Film annex movie
1912 Brigand Brothers (BV & M)                                     youtube clip
1912 Snokhach/ the daughter-in-law’s lover 
1913 The Little House in Kolomna (BV, M)                       YOUTUBE SHORT
1913 UNCLE’S APARTMENT                                                     YOUTUBE PART ONE
1913 the peasant’s LOT (BV, M)                                          Youtube clip
1913 Gore Sarry (fragment                                              E.F.T FRAGMENT
1913 Christmas Eve (BV & M)                                             youtube clip
1914 Woman of Tomorrow/Zhenshchina zavtrashevo dnya
1916 The Queen of Spades (b, M & BV)                                youtube clip
1916 The Beggar woman/Nishchaya                                  YOUTUBE CLIP
1917 Father Sergius (b)                                                     Film annex movie
1917 Satan Triumphant                                                       youtube clip
1917 Behind the Screen/Kulisy ekrana (BV, M)fragment) YOUTUBE CLIP
1918 WARRIOR SPIRIT                                                             YOUTUBE CLIP
1918 Little Ellie/Malyutka Elli
1920 L’angoissante aventure            youtube clip
1921 L’enfant du carnaval                 YOUTUBE CLIP
1922 Le brasier ardent (fa)                youtube clip
1923 Kean (fa)                                      YOUTUBE CLIP
1923 La maison du mystère (serial)(fa)
1924 Les ombres qui passent              youtube clip
1924 Le lion des Mogols (p)                youtube clip
1924 FEU MATHIAS PASCAL (fa)                      youtube clip
1925 Michel Strogoff                                   youtube clip
1926 Casanova                                                  youtube clip
1927 Surrender (g)                                         Youtube clip
1929 Manolesco                                              YOUTUBE MOVIE
1930 The White Devil                                       youtube clip
1931 Le sergent X                                  YOUTUBE clip
1933 La mille et deuxième nuit (English & French versions)
1936 NITCHEVO                                                   Youtube clip
1999 Ivan Mosjoukine ou L’enfant du carnaval (documentary) (b: extra on Father sergius dvd)

Key: B: Bach Films


FA: Flicker Alley forthcoming

G: Grapevinevideo

M: Milestone FILMS

 P: Potemkine DVD forthcoming (N.B Potemkine have recently released Richard Oswald’s Cagliostro (1929) region free with french intertitles & english subtitles which bodes well for their Epstein box set)

Note: This list is not meant to be definitive but is drawn from information found on the internet and in Denise Youngblood’s ‘The Magic Mirror’ book about Russian cinema from 1908 – 1917. Any additions to the list will be welcome, if there is  firm evidence for a films existence eg it’s highly probable the talkie remakes of L’Enfant du Carnaval & Casanova (both 1934) are extant but I haven’t been able to verify this.

M. Edouard Mathe Matters


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Edouard Mathe who he? If his name sounds familiar, you might have seen him in a Louis Feuillade short or serial from 1914 – 24.

Edouard Mathe not looking very happy

Edouard Mathe’s most famous role, despite being overshadowed by Musidora, was in ‘Les Vampires’ (1915). In ‘Les Vampires’ he played Philippe Guérande a journalist investigating and hoping to take down the notorious criminal gang, Les Vampires, over-running Paris. Philippe Guérande was not the usual crusading journalist he wasn’t that good at it, if it wasn’t for his friend Mazamette (marvelously played by Marcel Levesque) he and his relations would have died a thousand times. After several kidnappings Guérande’s mother points out it wouldn’t be safe to go out, particularly after the incident at the window. In this Guérande is sat next to an open window even though he knows the Vampires are after him, and what happens next? He doesn’t get a delivery of flowers that’s what. It’s very inventive so I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. In the end financee #2 turned out to be better at dealing with vamps. Edouard Mathe is in ‘Judex’ (1916) too, downgraded to the titular character’s brother from his “heroic” role in Les Vampires. ‘Judex’ is the better serial but ‘Les Vampires’ is more inventive.

Why do I like Edouard Mathe?  Mathe is like Clark Kent if he never turned in to superman, he always looks slightly worried. I like his understatedness, a port of quietness after viewing a few scenery chewing flicks. He’s a reassuring presence, when I watched ‘Tih Minh’ as soon as Mathe turned up in ‘Tih Minh’ it immediately became better even if the famous house of lost women scene happened before his entrance. I do like the scene in ‘Tih Mihn’ where our heroes are debating whether to drive to the baddies’ hideout & walk back because they don’t have enough petrol or send the ladies back in the car and walk to the baddies’ HQ. They chose the latter, very gentlemanly.

Edouard Mathe definitely had some intelligence as he became director of the Galeries Saint-Hubert Theatre before his death. I’m not sure what sort of directors position he took, google translate isn’t that good. A director like a director of a business? Or a director of a theatre in the sense he choses what is performed at the theatre? Or the usual type of director who gives notes on how actors should act in the show?

I only know this last fact from an obituary in an issue of film magazine Hebdofilm (dated 1932). I was touched that several years after Mathe’s last film anyone cared enough to write an obituary. I think Mathe got a mention because the writer knew him & gives truth to the statements about the charming aspects of Mathe’s personality.

Edouard Mathe looking happier!

A brief biography:

Edouard Mathe (1886 -1934 or 32) was a silent film actor who almost exclusively appeared in Gaumont films made by Louis Feuillade from 1914-24. His first film was a short, ‘L’hôtel de la gare’ and his last was ‘Les deux gosses’ (according to IMDB).

He was born in Australia in 1886 and went from there to France. After acting in the theatre for a while he started making films with the celebrated film maker Louis Feuillade. He appeared in such early film serials like ‘Les Vampires'(1915), Judex(1916), La Nouvelle Mission de Judex(1917), Tih Minh (1918),Vendémiaire(1918), Barrabas (1919) and a cameo in a spoof of crime serials by Jacques Feyder called Le pied qui étreint(1916). The above films still exist in the archives.

After Feuillade’s death coincidently Edouard Mathe stopped making films and returned to the theatre, organising a successful tour with his wife and appearing in several long running productions which were specifically written for him including: “The trunk of Zinder” (285 performances), “The Man of September 4” (173 performances) and the three acts of “Fot the Zebie”.

At the time of his death he had become the director of  the Theater of Galeries Saint-Hubert in Brussels, Belgium. He was married when he died.

And that’s it, I still have no idea how he ended up in France from Australia and is Edouard Mathe his real name?


Will the Real Musidora Please Stand Up?



Musidora how do I love thee let me count the ways … Firstly I know what she looks like!

Musidora stand out star of ‘Les Vampires’ (1915) and ‘Judex’ (1916), writer of books and films and director of a few too. A male impersonator on stage and owner of an impressive friend list including Collette. Musidora took to the bullring to prove woman were brave enough to be allowed the vote in Spain.

It irritates me so many people waffle on the web writing: “Musidora she’s so amazing,” and then illustrate their great appreciation by putting up photographs that clearly aren’t her.

For all those people, and those who thankfully aren’t, here are photos of the real Musidora (and here).


Musidora side profile

Musidora on a horse

Les Vampires

Older but still Musidora

Not Musidora

Theda Bara does look very similar to Musidora but Musidora she is not.

Theda Bara looking really bored at being mistaken for Musidora

“Look if I write my name over my face will you believe I’m NOT Musidora?”

Argh, the most famous photo of Musidora from Les Vampires, except that it isn’t.

A fake vampire!

This is a photo of a different actress. In Les Vampires this lady is playing the hero’s finance who dresses up as a vampire on stage. Once Musidora turns up, in Les Vampires, wearing her black body stocking the watcher can tell that the two actresses body shapes are different.

Final Postcard of Musidora: